The Beginning

When we first bought our house, I went on and on about how much I loved its little nooks and crannies. There were dozens of spots to sit by a window—places to put mugs of tea, half-read books, vases of flowers. Places to relax and chat and daydream. Quickly, I found that my favorite spot was in my second story nook: a home studio high up in the trees.

a photo of my home office

There, I could be alone with my thoughts, with my music humming in the background, the scrabble of squirrel feet across the branches. I’ve dreamed up many big ideas here—some feasible, others a bit out of reach. It’s served as my personal creative retreat.

photo of my home office with details

Especially since I’ve begun my own freelance business, my office is I spend the most time. This Second Story Nook, a natural extension of my home studio, will be a place to gather inspiration about all things related to design, books, food, and lifestyle. It’s the quietest, yet liveliest corner of my home.

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