Signs of Spring

floral image by Thao Thai

I woke up the other day and had this unsettling feeling of déjà vu. After a few disorienting minutes, I realized that the air felt like … high school. More specifically, it felt just like it did when I got up in the early mornings in Florida to get ready for school. My windows were open and there was a bit of humidity in the room, the familiar smell of shampoo on pillowcases, this air of anticipation (I really liked school). It’s never happened before, but I let myself sit back and enjoy the memory for a bit. Springtime is finally making its slow crawl to the Midwest.

Here are other signs of warm weather to come:

1.) The squirrels are crazy active. And fat. How did they get so fat during this polar vortex?
2.) Little purple flowers have sprouted along the walks in our yard and among the ivy beds. I’m almost sure they’re weeds, but they’re too pretty to extricate just yet.
3.) Everyone is in a great mood. Seriously, I was winked at by two happy-go-lucky cashiers this past week.
4.) The farmer’s market is open! Granted, all we bought was lettuce and a bag of mini donuts, but the produce will soon be plentiful again.
5.) I’ve been seeing my neighbors around. Well, hello, guys. Forgot what you looked like.
6.) We dusted off our patio furniture. Next comes the grill.
7.) I have this insatiable wanderlust. I keep wanting to hop the next plane to anywhere. (Luckily we have a lot of travel planned in the next couple of months!)

All I (and everyone who went through this winter) can say is: about. damn. time.

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