Santa Fe Wandering

This freelance journey has already taken me to interesting places, but so far, my favorite has been my trip to New Mexico. My dear friend and I roadtripped from Texas to Santa Fe last week, where I did some photography for a wonderful client. We found our way to Ghost Ranch, which was appropriately deserted, and spent our time getting to know all the bends and coves of the narrow Santa Fe alleys. We ate Christmas chile (a combination of red and green chile that SF is known for), watched sunsets slipping under the stretching landscape, and caught up on work in a stunning hacienda with hand-painted walls. The Southwest is a magnificent place. I can’t wait to find my way back someday.

on the road to New Mexico
scenes from Ghost Ranch, including buffalo skull
cactus plant on Ghost Ranch
plateaus on Ghost Ranch
stormy clouds en route to Santa Fe

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