Plant Life

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Nearly everyone in my family is a gardener, but I’m unable to keep most plant-like things alive. And then we bought our house and it seemed to need some indoor greenery. So we got the easiest plants to maintain from our local garden shop. The ladies there took pity on us and taught us some basics, and only laughed a little when I picked out the tiniest watering can in the world to take home. They told me that plants are easy. Natural.

Now, eight months later, I wouldn’t say these plants thriving–that seems too optimistic–but they are alive. Mostly hydrated. Wilting only a little.

My good friend, who is a great gardener and once gifted me a lovely potted plant that I promptly let die, gave me some advice when she was visiting. She told me to pick out all the dead or dying leaves from the soil. “That way, all the energy will go to the new growth,” she said. She gently pressed a leaf between her fingers.

Here’s to new growth, and to all my sagely friends and family, who despite everything, continue to believe in my ability to nurture all sorts of things.

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