Out of the Ditch

This weekend, we did a bit of a stupid thing. There was a blizzard in Cleveland, yet we decided it would be okay to drive to Columbus. A trip that would have usually taken two and a half hours took a full six hours. Somewhere in the middle, we may have been waiting for a tow truck in a white-out. One of us may have had to pee on the side of the road, nearly falling into a bank of snow in the process.

But then it was over, we were safe and warm with one hyper dog jumping on our laps, a pizza party to attend, and a few rousing rounds of bowling to cap the night. The moment we got back into our own home in Cleveland, I began chopping vegetables. I got out the thyme and the Bisquick (we DID after all go through an ordeal, I reasoned). And while Dan shoveled a mountain of snow from our drive, I made the ultimate of all comforting food: chicken and dumplings.

photo of chicken and dumpling soup

My recipe–if you can call it that–isn’t gourmet. It isn’t traditional (I used Bisquick, I should remind you). It was just one of those rib-stickingly good meals you need every once in awhile. Soft vegetables, creamy sauce, shredded chicken. We’re having it again tonight, and we’ll likely make another batch before spring hits. All great adventures should end so well.

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