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We only go to movies every few months, and often as a last resort to the what-should-we-do-this-afternoon question. But Wes Anderson movies feel different. They’re almost like research. The color palettes, the strange character (non)developments, the typography and design. (Check out this interview with The Grand Budapest Hotel’s lead graphic designer. Talk about a dream job!) I think we’ve seen nearly every W.E. movie in the theaters.

After being immersed in the beautiful, alpine world of Grand Budapest for a couple of hours, I went home to look at the website.

feature on the website design of the Grand Budapest Hotel movie by Wes Anderson
Picture 2

It’s got everything I love. Big, atmospheric homepage. A simple user interface. Opportunities for multimedia engagement. But my favorite part? The microsite for the Zubrowka Film Commission.

design review of Zubrowka microsite for Grand Budapest Hotel
design review of Zubrowka microsite for Grand Budapest Hotel

It’s such a joy to see a site with an understated sense of humor and style. Card-style layouts with subtle animation. Surprise graphics. It feels like another world to enter and explore. And the design gives the site an intentionally in-progress, not-quite-finished feeling which adds to its quirky feel. I’m also 99% sure that Zubrowka is a vodka and not a real place, which makes me even more thrilled that there’s a whole site developed for it. I think all fictional places deserve a website, no?

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