Grace Photography

It’s a happy launch day for Grace Photography, a recent client and inspiration! Grace approached me for a new site design for her photography business with a CMS solution, remarking that she liked simple designs with some warmth and personality. We were on the same page from the start, sharing images and websites with an elegant and almost tactile quality. I knew I wanted to bring in calligraphy, golden and pastel hues, and a bit of handmade texture. We edited and refined, then came to a solution that we were both thrilled with.

site design for Grace Photography by Thao Thai

Some weeks later, I began the development to bring it all to life. The site features a few slideshows, with a simple organizational scheme that is intuitive to navigate. We wanted her work to be front and center of the site, and it displays well at all resolutions.

site design for Grace Photography by Thao Thai
site design for Grace Photography by Thao Thai

Her images are a joy to work with, and so is she! If you’re in the West Texas area, and need an amazing portrait photographer, she’s your gal!

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