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The Many Moods

When I start work with a client on a bigger project, I build mood boards or a collaborative pinboard, depending on the project. I really enjoy the process of clarifying the brand through colors, imagery, and texture, and sometimes it’s really surprising to see what comes together on the page. Recently, I started on a very fun website project. Here’s a small section of the mood boards I presented–the color palettes:

three color palette options for a website mood board

And she chose option number 3! I can’t wait to share more as the site progresses.

Favorite Book Covers

I didn’t go to school for design, but I was luck to have been mentored by one of the most creative design departments I’ve ever encountered. They were thoughtful about the work they made. They valued the content of the books they were designing for. And they were incredibly giving with their advice and inspiration.

And ever since then, I have loved everything about book design. The NYT Sunday Book Review recently posted about their favorite covers of 2013 and it got me thinking about this wide world of book covers and jackets. I have so many favorites, but there are several that stand out. The ones I think, after some years, will still look fresh and relevant.

a collection of my favorite book covers

1. John Gall | 2. Isaac Tobin | 3. Natalie F. Smith (whose site I built recently!)  | 4. Jason Booher | 5. The Heads of State | 6. Gabriele Wilson

A New Year’s Card Project

Jessica was the first of my close friends to get married. Then she was the  first to have a baby–a cuddly, expressive little girl named Frances. It can be hard to picture your friends in new phases of their lives, especially when you live as far apart as we do (she moved to Germany this past year!) , but nothing could have been more natural for her and her husband. I’ve loved experiencing all of Frances’s firsts vicariously, through photos and videos, an occasional video chat, and tons of instant messaging. And I was so delighted to be able to work on their New Year’s e-card this past month. Just look at that face. It’s all wonder.

card design of a pensive baby