100 Books

The 100 Books Project by Thao Thai

Like most English majors, I went through books at a breakneck speed in college and graduate school. It was par the course–Dostoevsky in the morning, Alice Munro in the evening. At suppertime? A cookbook for pleasure reading.

So, a few years out of grad school and almost ten (ten!) out of college, I thought it would be fun to track a list of books I’ve read for the year. I remember once in college estimating my yearly book consumption to be around 100. So 100 will be the magic number (see the science in my approach?). Novels, poetry chapbooks, cookbooks–any full-length work that’s bound and printed (e-books can be the exception). As you’ll see, it’s an… eclectic mix.

Visit my 100 Books page to see a list of what I’ve read so far, along with a short and sweet rating system of 1 to 5, 5 being the most un-put-down-able. Since I recently started tracking books, I lost a couple of months there, due to my unfortunate lack of long term recall. But the book journey commences!

Recommendations are very welcome! Happy reading. :)

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